How we work?
We understand that once we are in charged with your legal needs we are representing you, therefore we have very strict policies in place:
1) A free consultation to understand your case via e-mail or telephone may be conducted. This would allow your case worker to study your requirements and advise you in the best solutions.
2) We do not compromise on your case.  We will be as clear as possible as we know that UK Immigration, Nationality and EU Law are very complex.
3) We will use plain English and would avoid using legal jargons to make it simple and not to confuse you.
4) You should feel confident on the advisors advice but we always recommend that you go away and make sure you understand what has been discussed. We also encourage our clients to discuss with your partner, friends and family. 
5) After each meeting, your case worker would give you a consultation report where practical. This would outline what has been discussed, your action plan and the next stage of our procedures. 
6) If you are happy to move forward, we would need you to appoint us as your legal representative which would be done through you signing our customer care letter.
7) By signing the customer care we are not placing you in a contract and you have the right to cancel. The costs, the type of service, your cancellation period and our guarantee of service is shown at the letter. So there will be no hidden charges.
Your Questions
Why JMS Immigration Consutlancy?
We are a small team dedicated in providing honest, exceptional service to our clients. We believe that our service starts when we submit your application and we want our client to know we will keep them informed, answer there question and your case worker will be a phone call away.
How can I trust your service?

We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). OISC is the government regulated body and is a criminal offence if someone is providing Immigration advice without being regulated by the OISC. 

We are also members of Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI). JCWI is an independent national voluntary organisation, campaigning for justice and combating racism in immigration and asylum law and policy.
Regulated by The Office of Immigration Service Commissioner
Registration Number F201200565
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